How to make your cold email sound more exciting

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Most people will be aware of what a cold email is but for those who don’t, it’s a method of email marketing for businesses. Imagine it being like cold calling, in that the emails are unsolicited and have been sent to the recipient without the contact knowing the business prior.

It’s very easy for a cold email to sound like every other cold email that a recipient receives. That can lower the chances of these individuals fulfilling the company’s objectives, whether that be driving traffic to a site or converting leads to customers.

There are plenty of ways to vamp up your cold emails, especially as there are many benefits to using email marketing nowadays. In fact, the average open rate for cold emails is 44%. That is quite a large percentage which could result in some follow-up opportunities for businesses to utilize.

To take advantage of these opportunities, here are a few tips on how to make your cold emails sound more exciting for those who receive them.

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Write a punchy subject line to draw attention

First and foremost, what’s the first thing that the email holder sees? The subject line. Therefore, this is the moment that you will either grab their attention…or not. Think about what the email’s intention is and what type of person you’re reaching out to. You may have a good understanding of what they’re after and how they behave or you may know nothing at all.

Regardless, the subject line needs to be punchy. It needs to draw attention in the best way possible.

Use humour to improve the reader’s experience

Humour is always a good way to keep the attention of the reader but to also better the reader’s experience. When they have fun reading an email, they’re much more likely to want to engage more by clicking on links or the CTA offered.

Consider getting help from creative writers to put together cold email content to improve your chances of getting a hook on the line. Those creative writers may be worth hiring in-house if that talent isn’t currently there.

Keep language exciting to better engagement

The language of the content should also be exciting. Think about how you would pitch or speak to this reader in person. Try to adapt that same energy and language into an email. That’s often a lot harder to do as written content can often be read in a different way than intended.

However, focusing on the quality of the language used can do wonders for engagement. That engagement could make all the difference in attracting more leads to become paying customers.

Get straight to the point 

It’s worth remembering that while the open rate for a cold email might be high, most people don’t enjoy receiving them. While that may put the odds against you when it comes to this form of email marketing, it doesn’t mean it’s an absolute failure in success. In fact, it can still garner much success in improving lead conversion and sales.

Try to get straight to the point when creating the email content and avoid harping on too much that it becomes boring.

Use a person’s name if possible

Where possible, try to use the person’s name. Whether that’s their first name, last name, or both, it can make a cold email feel more intentional and wanted. This might prove difficult depending on how much information a company has prior. However, many email users will often use their name in the email nowadays, which can make it easier to personalise these emails to engage with the person.

Try to use the person’s name and see the difference that it makes in engagement. It’s even worth using it in the subject line to grab attention.

Track emails to monitor performance

Cold emails like all forms of marketing need to be tracked. If they’re not tracked, then chances are, future cold emails are going to fail to perform too. Tracking emails can be good for monitoring their performance and making the necessary chops and changes to improve their success rate.

There are plenty of platforms and software out there to easily track the success of emails and how they impact sales figures directly. 

Cold emails can warm up potential leads

Making your cold emails more exciting can easily help warm up those potential leads who never expected to do business with your company. Email marketing has become a major influence for businesses in this digital era, so it’s essential to take advantage of the potential this has for any company this year and beyond.

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