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Frequently asked questions

Are personalised cold emails more effective?

Yes, personalised cold emails are up to 50% more effective than generic cold emails. Personalised emails are more likely to be noticed and to resonate with the recipient, as they demonstrate that you have taken the time to learn about their needs and interests. 

How many emails can Salespitch write in an hour?

Salespitch is capable of writing ≈500 emails data-offset-key=”3j478-81-0″> in an hour. Our AI technology is designed to be fast, efficient, and effective in producing sales emails that are tailored to the needs of busy sales professionals. Depending on the complexity of the emails required, Salespitch can typically write several emails in a matter of minutes.

Will Salespitch AI be able to write like a human?

Yes! Our AI is powered by  GPT3 technology, which has been trained on millions of emails from real humans. This allows our AI to generate emails that sound natural and like they were written by a real person. It also won’t fatigue like a human – so you can guarantee that your emails are consistent day after day. 

Will personalised emails avoid spam filters?

Yes, personalised emails will avoid spam filters. Our AI tool is designed to ensure that emails sent from our app are tailored to the individual recipient, increasing the likelihood that they will pass through the majority of spam filters and get delivered to the intended recipient.